Lack of Black History Month Acknowledgement Upsets Students

Photo by Sam Constanza


Students of St. John’s University have banded together to unleash their disapproval for the lack of recognition of Black History Month.


Days into Black History Month, and the university’s first post on Instagram acknowledging the month is in honor of the Lunar New Year “#YearOfTheMonkey”. Graduate Xavier Buck commented on the post,

“Not that this isn’t important, but can we take note that we are 8 days into Black History Month and there hasn’t been a single post?”

His comment, however, was followed by a student’s less supportive statement:

“That’s because nobody cares.”

FullSizeRender (1)

St. John’s University prides itself on being very diverse. To see this lack of support caused a frenzy on their instagram page, Over 300 students commented on the post with the hashtag #ICare in support of recent graduate Buck. According to the NY Daily News, Buck and his girlfriend, Anscia Brown, were able to organize a peaceful meeting where over 100 students were able to address their concerns.

“There’s always a big rift between the white and non-white students and there’s nothing really put in place to help that. We sit in class together and discuss things about race and stuff, but we honestly don’t have an understanding of each other,” said junior Kylie Ortiz.

With leaders Buck and Brown running the Students of Consciousness (SOC) committee, St. John’s University students were able to create a list of nine demands including “allocating funds to hire four new full time professors of color in specific departments; advertising Black History and Latino Heritage Months every year on all the university’s media outlets; and mandating workshops for first-year students focusing on anti-oppression training.”


Article Source: New York Daily News


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